A Daily Gemara Shiur in Crown Heights

Alexander Heppenheimer, maggid shiur

Shiur info:

Location: Chevra Shas, 398 Kingston Ave. (entrance from Montgomery St.)
Sunday-Friday: 6:30 AM
Shabbos (spring and summer): 4:45 PM
Motzaei Shabbos (fall and winter): 8:30 PM

Dial-in info:

Phone: +1-917-837-0683

E-mail Maggid Shiur

Recordings of previous shiurim (click to listen in browser, or right-click to save to disk):

Current cycle (5780-):

Berachos-002.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:03
Berachos-003.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:19:29
Berachos-004.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:44
Berachos-005.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:16:49
Berachos-006.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:17:14
Berachos-007.mp3    Size: 20M    Length: 01:26:58
Berachos-008.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:49
Berachos-009.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:51
Berachos-010(1).mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:40
Berachos-010(2)&011(1).mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:16:59
Berachos-011(2)&012.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:20:18
Berachos-013.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:17
Berachos-014.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:00
Berachos-015.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:20:14
Berachos-016.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:07:29
Berachos-017.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 01:03:08
Berachos-018.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:51
Berachos-019.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:05:56
Berachos-020.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:05:44
Berachos-021.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:18
Berachos-022.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:17:52
Berachos-023.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:18
Berachos-024.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:07:59
Berachos-025.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:08
Berachos-026.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:03:56
Berachos-027.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:39
Berachos-028.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:24
Berachos-029.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:38
Berachos-030.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:28
Berachos-031.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:19
Berachos-032.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:06:35
Berachos-033.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:57
Berachos-034.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:10
Berachos-035.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:04:43
Berachos-036.mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 01:33:12
Berachos-037.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:06:11
Berachos-038.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 01:02:02
Berachos-039.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:05:58
Berachos-040.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:04:52
Berachos-041.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:38
Berachos-042.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 00:59:18
Berachos-043.mp3    Size: 19M    Length: 01:22:35
Berachos-044.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:12
Berachos-045.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:58:20
Berachos-046.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:07:41
Berachos-047.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:06:15
Berachos-048.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:05:08
Berachos-049.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:04:57
Berachos-050.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:26
Berachos-051.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:06:18
Berachos-052.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:07:49
Berachos-053.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:28
Berachos-054.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:36
Berachos-055.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:53

Previous cycle (5772-5780):

RoshHashanah-003.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:15
RoshHashanah-004.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:45
RoshHashanah-005.mp3    Size: 20M    Length: 00:43:26
RoshHashanah-006.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:02:55
RoshHashanah-007.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:00:53
RoshHashanah-011.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:47
RoshHashanah-012.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:49
RoshHashanah-013.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:47
RoshHashanah-014.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:27
RoshHashanah-017.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:04:42
RoshHashanah-018.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:00:55
RoshHashanah-020.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:22
RoshHashanah-021.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:54
RoshHashanah-024.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:02:40
RoshHashanah-025.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:19
RoshHashanah-031.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:57
RoshHashanah-032.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:04:25
RoshHashanah-033.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:43
RoshHashanah-034.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:00:39
RoshHashanah-035.mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 00:45:23

Taanis-004.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:18
Taanis-005.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:11
Taanis-006.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:02:37
Taanis-007.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:14
Taanis-008.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:44
Taanis-011.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 00:29:30
Taanis-012.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:12
Taanis-013.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:03
Taanis-014.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:00:36
Taanis-015.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:07
Taanis-018.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:14
Taanis-019.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:04:06
Taanis-020.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:49
Taanis-021.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:23
Taanis-022.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:02:53
Taanis-025.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:04:34
Taanis-026.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:00
Taanis-027.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:49
Taanis-028.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:00:33
Taanis-029.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:23

Megillah-002.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:12
Megillah-003.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:37
Megillah-004.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:29
Megillah-005.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:31
Megillah-006.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:04:17
Megillah-009.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:38
Megillah-010.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:02:28
Megillah-011.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:09:43
Megillah-012.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:06
Megillah-013.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:08:31
Megillah-015&016.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:07:57
Megillah-016&017.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:09:30
Megillah-017&018.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:44
Megillah-018&019.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:28
Megillah-020.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:51
Megillah-023.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:18
Megillah-025.mp3    Size: 19M    Length: 00:41:43
Megillah-026.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:50
Megillah-027.mp3    Size: 36M    Length: 01:18:35
Megillah-030.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:08:06
Megillah-031.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:02:57
Megillah-032.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:57:54

MoedKatan-002.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:25:22
MoedKatan-003.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:25:18
MoedKatan-006.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:49:26
MoedKatan-007.mp3    Size: 45M    Length: 01:38:34
MoedKatan-008.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:06:47
MoedKatan-009.mp3    Size: 35M    Length: 01:16:07
MoedKatan-010.mp3    Size: 35M    Length: 01:16:57
MoedKatan-013.mp3    Size: 46M    Length: 01:40:05
MoedKatan-014.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:09:36
MoedKatan-015.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:24:12
MoedKatan-016.mp3    Size: 43M    Length: 01:34:47
MoedKatan-017.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:04
MoedKatan-020.mp3    Size: 35M    Length: 01:15:33
MoedKatan-021.mp3    Size: 20M    Length: 00:44:17
MoedKatan-022.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:54
MoedKatan-023.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:36
MoedKatan-027.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:04:36
MoedKatan-028.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:04:04
MoedKatan-029.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:57

Chagigah-002.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:50:36
Chagigah-003.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:33
Chagigah-006.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:16
Chagigah-007.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:21
Chagigah-009.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:09:40
Chagigah-010.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:48
Chagigah-013.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:57:58
Chagigah-014 (1).mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:13
Chagigah-014 (2).mp3    Size: 7M    Length: 00:14:43
Chagigah-015 (1).mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:07
Chagigah-015 (2).mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:27:24
Chagigah-020.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:02:19
Chagigah-021&022.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:04
Chagigah-022&023.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:50:10
Chagigah-023&024.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:52
Chagigah-024&025.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:38
Chagigah-025&026.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:05
Chagigah-026&027.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:27

Yevamos-003.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:26
Yevamos-009.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:40
Yevamos-014.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:27
Yevamos-015.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:31
Yevamos-016.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:50:06
Yevamos-017.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:18
Yevamos-018 (1).mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 00:45:05
Yevamos-018 (2).mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:27:28
Yevamos-021.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:57:56
Yevamos-022.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:00
Yevamos-023.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:56
Yevamos-024.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:47
Yevamos-025.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:32
Yevamos-028.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:38
Yevamos-029.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:57
Yevamos-030.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:51
Yevamos-031.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:00:30
Yevamos-032.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:43
Yevamos-034&035.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:25:44
Yevamos-036.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:59
Yevamos-037.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:49
Yevamos-038&039.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:55
Yevamos-038.mp3    Size: 19M    Length: 00:41:36
Yevamos-039&040.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:41
Yevamos-040&041.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:37
Yevamos-042.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:08
Yevamos-043.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:39
Yevamos-044&045.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:17
Yevamos-045&046.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:38
Yevamos-046&047.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:02:34
Yevamos-048&049.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:24
Yevamos-049&050.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:44
Yevamos-051.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:01
Yevamos-052.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:07
Yevamos-053.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:54
Yevamos-054.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:00:51
Yevamos-056.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:07:06
Yevamos-057.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:05
Yevamos-058.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:03
Yevamos-059.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:27
Yevamos-060.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:24
Yevamos-061.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:18
Yevamos-062&063.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:37
Yevamos-063&064.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:54
Yevamos-064&065.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:10
Yevamos-065&066.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:02
Yevamos-066&067.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:53
Yevamos-067&068.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:00
Yevamos-069&070.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:45
Yevamos-071.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:17
Yevamos-080&081.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:38
Yevamos-082&083.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:27
Yevamos-083&084.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:36
Yevamos-085.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:21
Yevamos-086.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:04
Yevamos-087&089.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:32
Yevamos-090&091.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:31
Yevamos-091&092.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:16
Yevamos-092&093&094.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:02:12
Yevamos-094&095.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 00:48:06
Yevamos-095&096.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:45
Yevamos-096&097&098.mp3    Size: 36M    Length: 01:17:35
Yevamos-098&099.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:54
Yevamos-099&100.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:46
Yevamos-101.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:28
Yevamos-102.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:14
Yevamos-103.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:57:56
Yevamos-104&105.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:06:23
Yevamos-106.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:58
Yevamos-107.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:47
Yevamos-108&109.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:51
Yevamos-108.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 00:38:51
Yevamos-109&110.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:59
Yevamos-111&112.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:22
Yevamos-113.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:16
Yevamos-114.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:55
Yevamos-115.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:22
Yevamos-116.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:16
Yevamos-117.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:35
Yevamos-118&119.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:21
Yevamos-119&120.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:55
Yevamos-120&121.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:14
Yevamos-121&122.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:08:49

Kesubos-002.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:49
Kesubos-003.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:25
Kesubos-005.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:02:02
Kesubos-006.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:18
Kesubos-007.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:25
Kesubos-008.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:46
Kesubos-009.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:56
Kesubos-010.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:36
Kesubos-011&012.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:06:47
Kesubos-013.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:25
Kesubos-014.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:46
Kesubos-015.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 00:38:48
Kesubos-016.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:52
Kesubos-019.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:39
Kesubos-020.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:03
Kesubos-021.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:30
Kesubos-022.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:45
Kesubos-023.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:46
Kesubos-024.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:14
Kesubos-026.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:12
Kesubos-027.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:01
Kesubos-028.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:41
Kesubos-029.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:05
Kesubos-030.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 00:47:57
Kesubos-031.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:17
Kesubos-033.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:00:50
Kesubos-034.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:21
Kesubos-035.mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 00:45:11
Kesubos-035_supplement.mp3    Size: 1M    Length: 00:02:06
Kesubos-036.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:57
Kesubos-037.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:30
Kesubos-040.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:41
Kesubos-041.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:53
Kesubos-042.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:30
Kesubos-043.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:43
Kesubos-044.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:50
Kesubos-045.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:00:38
Kesubos-048.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:25
Kesubos-049.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:34
Kesubos-050.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:35
Kesubos-051.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:09
Kesubos-055.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:27
Kesubos-056.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:19
Kesubos-070&071.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:43
Kesubos-071&072.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:19
Kesubos-075&076.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:27
Kesubos-076&077.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:45
Kesubos-077&078.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:15
Kesubos-078&079.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:27
Kesubos-079&080.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:28
Kesubos-083.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:00
Kesubos-084.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 01:00:03
Kesubos-085.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:53
Kesubos-086&087.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:55
Kesubos-086.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:38
Kesubos-090&091.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:56
Kesubos-091&092.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:04
Kesubos-093.mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 00:46:18
Kesubos-097.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:34
Kesubos-098.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:07
Kesubos-099.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:12
Kesubos-100.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:04
Kesubos-101.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:44
Kesubos-103&104.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:57:59
Kesubos-104&105.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:32
Kesubos-105&106.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:49:36
Kesubos-106&107.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:46
Kesubos-107&108.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:03

Nedarim-002.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:35
Nedarim-003.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:52
Nedarim-004.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:02
Nedarim-007.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:50:55
Nedarim-008.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:02
Nedarim-009.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:13
Nedarim-010.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:49
Nedarim-011.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:50:42
Nedarim-014.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:51:11
Nedarim-015.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:28
Nedarim-016.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:06
Nedarim-017.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:33
Nedarim-018(1).mp3    Size: 3M    Length: 00:07:12
Nedarim-018(2).mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 00:45:15
Nedarim-021.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:49:55
Nedarim-022.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:13
Nedarim-023.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 00:48:20
Nedarim-024.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:06
Nedarim-025.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:52
Nedarim-029.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 00:48:41
Nedarim-030.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 00:48:00
Nedarim-031.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:02
Nedarim-035.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:02
Nedarim-036.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:06
Nedarim-037.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:37
Nedarim-038.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:34
Nedarim-039.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:23
Nedarim-042.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 00:34:44
Nedarim-043.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 00:48:29
Nedarim-044.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:49:15
Nedarim-045.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:54
Nedarim-050.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:50:06
Nedarim-051.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:53
Nedarim-052.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 00:49:01
Nedarim-053.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:25
Nedarim-056.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:49:25
Nedarim-057.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:02
Nedarim-058&059.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:14
Nedarim-059&060.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:43
Nedarim-060&061.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:51:17
Nedarim-065.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:43
Nedarim-066.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:34
Nedarim-067.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:41

Nazir-002.mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 00:46:04
Nazir-003.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:50:31
Nazir-004.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:57
Nazir-005.mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 00:46:56
Nazir-009.mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 00:45:00
Nazir-010.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:51:16
Nazir-011.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 00:38:13
Nazir-012.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:08
Nazir-016.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 00:39:00
Nazir-017.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:33
Nazir-025.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 00:34:54
Nazir-026.mp3    Size: 20M    Length: 00:44:17
Nazir-029.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:13
Nazir-030.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 00:31:29
Nazir-031.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 00:47:43
Nazir-032&033.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:29
Nazir-039.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 00:47:13
Nazir-040.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 00:39:47
Nazir-046.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:51
Nazir-047.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 00:31:29
Nazir-050.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:14
Nazir-051.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:22
Nazir-053.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:01
Nazir-054.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:03
Nazir-056.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:04:38
Nazir-057.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:51
Nazir-058.mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 00:45:59
Nazir-059.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:30
Nazir-060.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:51
Nazir-062&063.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:04:18
Nazir-064.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:50:38
Nazir-065.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:30
Nazir-066.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:15

Sotah-002.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:15
Sotah-003.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:36
Sotah-004.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 00:29:38
Sotah-005.mp3    Size: 11M    Length: 00:25:00
Sotah-006.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:07
Sotah-007.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:40
Sotah-008.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:59
Sotah-009.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:33
Sotah-010 (1).mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:32
Sotah-010 (2).mp3    Size: 10M    Length: 00:21:16
Sotah-011&012.mp3    Size: 43M    Length: 01:34:12
Sotah-013.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:09
Sotah-016.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:56
Sotah-017.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:05
Sotah-018&019.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 01:00:01
Sotah-020.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:30
Sotah-021.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:26
Sotah-022.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:51:03
Sotah-023.mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 00:46:43
Sotah-024.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:25
Sotah-025&026.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:33
Sotah-027.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:02
Sotah-028.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 00:38:30
Sotah-029.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:33
Sotah-030.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:36
Sotah-031.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:00
Sotah-032&033.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:07:35
Sotah-034.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:33
Sotah-035.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:56
Sotah-036.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:50
Sotah-037.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:52
Sotah-038.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:42
Sotah-039&040.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:51
Sotah-041.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:50
Sotah-042.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:47
Sotah-043.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:56
Sotah-044.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:52
Sotah-045.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:57
Sotah-046.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:20
Sotah-047.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:29
Sotah-048 (1).mp3    Size: 7M    Length: 00:14:36
Sotah-048 (2).mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:22
Sotah-049 (1).mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 00:16:45
Sotah-049 (2).mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:50:25

Gittin-002&003.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:02
Gittin-003&004.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:44
Gittin-005&006.mp3    Size: 38M    Length: 01:23:53
Gittin-007.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:26
Gittin-008.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:36
Gittin-009.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:58
Gittin-010 (1).mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:27:52
Gittin-010 (2).mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 00:18:23
Gittin-011.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 00:36:08
Gittin-012&013.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:24
Gittin-014.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:28
Gittin-015.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:10
Gittin-016.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:48
Gittin-017.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:26
Gittin-018.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:57
Gittin-019&020.mp3    Size: 41M    Length: 01:29:52
Gittin-021.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:52
Gittin-023.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:44
Gittin-024.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:33
Gittin-025.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:18
Gittin-026&027.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:25
Gittin-028.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:27
Gittin-029.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:24
Gittin-030.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:21
Gittin-031.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:20
Gittin-032.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:38
Gittin-033&034.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:04:56
Gittin-035.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:31
Gittin-036.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:46
Gittin-037.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:50
Gittin-038.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:02:58
Gittin-039.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:06
Gittin-040&041.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:06:31
Gittin-042.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:51
Gittin-043.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:53
Gittin-044 (incomplete).mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 00:29:41
Gittin-045 (1).mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:22
Gittin-045 (2).mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 00:17:59
Gittin-046.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:46
Gittin-047&048.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:07:55
Gittin-049.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:30
Gittin-050.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:27
Gittin-051.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:16
Gittin-052.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:43
Gittin-053.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:08
Gittin-054&055.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:24:20
Gittin-056 (1).mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:31
Gittin-056 (2).mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 00:18:48
Gittin-057.mp3    Size: 37M    Length: 01:21:41
Gittin-060.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:24
Gittin-061&062.mp3    Size: 42M    Length: 01:30:53
Gittin-064.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:11
Gittin-065.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:55
Gittin-066.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:20
Gittin-067.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:22
Gittin-068&069.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:25:53
Gittin-070.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:03
Gittin-071.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:15
Gittin-072.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:39
Gittin-074.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:07
Gittin-075&076.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:08:35
Gittin-078.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:03
Gittin-079.mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 00:46:05
Gittin-080.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:26
Gittin-081.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:06
Gittin-084.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:31
Gittin-085.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:34
Gittin-086.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:27
Gittin-087&088.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:16
Gittin-087.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:55
Gittin-089&090.mp3    Size: 37M    Length: 01:20:01

Kiddushin-002.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:53
Kiddushin-003.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:14
Kiddushin-004.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:04
Kiddushin-005.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:46
Kiddushin-006.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:15
Kiddushin-009 (incomplete).mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 00:50:00
Kiddushin-010.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:59
Kiddushin-011.mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 00:46:19
Kiddushin-012.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:23
Kiddushin-013.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:13
Kiddushin-016.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:43
Kiddushin-017 (incomplete).mp3    Size: 7M    Length: 00:15:41
Kiddushin-018.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:20
Kiddushin-019.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:19
Kiddushin-020.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:34
Kiddushin-023.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:18
Kiddushin-024.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:56
Kiddushin-025.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:35
Kiddushin-026.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:21
Kiddushin-027.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:02
Kiddushin-030.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:06
Kiddushin-031.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:46
Kiddushin-032.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:13
Kiddushin-033.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:27
Kiddushin-034.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:12
Kiddushin-037.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:23
Kiddushin-038.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:43
Kiddushin-039.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:44
Kiddushin-040.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:39
Kiddushin-041.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 00:40:21
Kiddushin-045.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:44
Kiddushin-046.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:03
Kiddushin-051.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:29
Kiddushin-052.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:31
Kiddushin-053.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:06
Kiddushin-054.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:36
Kiddushin-055.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:32
Kiddushin-058.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:36
Kiddushin-059.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:51
Kiddushin-060.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:34
Kiddushin-061.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:03
Kiddushin-062.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:56
Kiddushin-065.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:32
Kiddushin-066.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:24
Kiddushin-067.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:55
Kiddushin-068.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:28
Kiddushin-069.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:07:42
Kiddushin-072.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:59
Kiddushin-073.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:06:49
Kiddushin-074.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:06:30
Kiddushin-075.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:04:29
Kiddushin-076.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:29
Kiddushin-079.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:51
Kiddushin-080.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:59
Kiddushin-081.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:13
Kiddushin-082.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:59

BavaKamma-002.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:02:43
BavaKamma-005(1).mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 00:30:57
BavaKamma-005(2)&006.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:06:15
BavaKamma-006&007.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:04:54
BavaKamma-008.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:02:13
BavaKamma-009 (incomplete).mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:27:52
BavaKamma-014.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:49
BavaKamma-015.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:00:43
BavaKamma-016 (incomplete).mp3    Size: 19M    Length: 00:41:35
BavaKamma-019.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:06:51
BavaKamma-020.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:06:51
BavaKamma-021 (incomplete).mp3    Size: 3M    Length: 00:06:10
BavaKamma-022.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:04:11
BavaKamma-023.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:07:37
BavaKamma-026.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:55
BavaKamma-028.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:02:03
BavaKamma-029.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:04:44
BavaKamma-030.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:08:22
BavaKamma-033.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:26
BavaKamma-034.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:04:32
BavaKamma-035.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:03
BavaKamma-036.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:35
BavaKamma-037.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:06:28
BavaKamma-040.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:02:07
BavaKamma-041.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:04:26
BavaKamma-042.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:02:11
BavaKamma-043 (incomplete).mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 00:34:24
BavaKamma-044.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:29
BavaKamma-047 (1).mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:27:35
BavaKamma-047&048.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:04:05
BavaKamma-048&049.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:04:53
BavaKamma-049&050.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:14
BavaKamma-050&051 (incomplete).mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 00:19:54
BavaKamma-053&054.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:15
BavaKamma-055.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:33
BavaKamma-056.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:15
BavaKamma-057.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:54
BavaKamma-058 (incomplete).mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 00:31:38
BavaKamma-061 (1).mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:02:28
BavaKamma-061&062.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:58
BavaKamma-085&086.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:53
BavaKamma-088&089.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:39
BavaKamma-089&090.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:50
BavaKamma-091.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:53
BavaKamma-092.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:08
BavaKamma-093.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:37
BavaKamma-097.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:33
BavaKamma-098 (1).mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:22
BavaKamma-098&099.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:32
BavaKamma-099.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:18
BavaKamma-103.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:30
BavaKamma-104.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:26
BavaKamma-105.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:57
BavaKamma-106&107.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:34
BavaKamma-110.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:01
BavaKamma-111.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:01
BavaKamma-112.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:43
BavaKamma-113 (1).mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:02:58
BavaKamma-113&114.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:00:28
BavaKamma-116&117.mp3    Size: 35M    Length: 01:15:39
BavaKamma-117.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:52
BavaKamma-118.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:44
BavaKamma-119.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:25
BavaKamma-Siyum.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 00:25:14

BavaMetzia 056-057.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:07:49
BavaMetzia-002.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:40
BavaMetzia-003 (incomplete).mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 00:29:33
BavaMetzia-009.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:02:04
BavaMetzia-010.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:20
BavaMetzia-013.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:25
BavaMetzia-014.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:15
BavaMetzia-015.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:02:15
BavaMetzia-017.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:32
BavaMetzia-023.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:04
BavaMetzia-024.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:08
BavaMetzia-025&026.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:08:18
BavaMetzia-029.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:38
BavaMetzia-030.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:06
BavaMetzia-031.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:33
BavaMetzia-032&033.mp3    Size: 35M    Length: 01:15:34
BavaMetzia-033&034.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:44
BavaMetzia-035&036.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:53
BavaMetzia-036&037.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:34
BavaMetzia-037&038.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:54
BavaMetzia-038 (2).mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 00:20:24
BavaMetzia-039&040.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:24:27
BavaMetzia-041.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:38
BavaMetzia-042.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:38
BavaMetzia-043.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:28
BavaMetzia-044.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:48
BavaMetzia-045.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:02:06
BavaMetzia-054&055.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:54
BavaMetzia-055&056.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:06:55
BavaMetzia-059&060.mp3    Size: 38M    Length: 01:23:55
BavaMetzia-061&062.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:57
BavaMetzia-062&063.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:09:59
BavaMetzia-063&064 (incomplete).mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:53
BavaMetzia-064&065.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:43
BavaMetzia-065&066.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:08:33
BavaMetzia-067&068.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:24:10
BavaMetzia-074&075.mp3    Size: 44M    Length: 01:35:04
BavaMetzia-076 (1).mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:24
BavaMetzia-076&077.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:02:32
BavaMetzia-077&078.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:14
BavaMetzia-078&079.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:01
BavaMetzia-079&080.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:01
BavaMetzia-081&082.mp3    Size: 35M    Length: 01:16:59
BavaMetzia-083.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:09:46
BavaMetzia-084 (1).mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:00:43
BavaMetzia-084&085.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:00:24
BavaMetzia-085&086.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:58
BavaMetzia-086&087.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:04
BavaMetzia-088&089.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:06:21
BavaMetzia-089&090.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:10
BavaMetzia-090&091.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:57:59
BavaMetzia-091&092.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:43
BavaMetzia-092&093.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:08
BavaMetzia-093&094.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:27
BavaMetzia-094&095.mp3    Size: 36M    Length: 01:18:48
BavaMetzia-095&096&097.mp3    Size: 40M    Length: 01:27:49
BavaMetzia-097&098.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:13
BavaMetzia-099.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:50
BavaMetzia-100.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:35
BavaMetzia-102&103.mp3    Size: 36M    Length: 01:17:57
BavaMetzia-106 (1).mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:22
BavaMetzia-106&107.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:14
BavaMetzia-107&108.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:58
BavaMetzia-109&110.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:25:07
BavaMetzia-110&111.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:37
BavaMetzia-111&112.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:29
BavaMetzia-113.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:51
BavaMetzia-114.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:59
BavaMetzia-115&116.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:12
BavaMetzia-116&117.mp3    Size: 36M    Length: 01:19:20
BavaMetzia-117&118.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:51:33
BavaMetzia-118&119.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:08

BavaBasra-002.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:57:55
BavaBasra-003 (1).mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:36
BavaBasra-003&004.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:08
BavaBasra-005&006.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:24:39
BavaBasra-006&007.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:52
BavaBasra-007&008.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:59
BavaBasra-008&009.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:37
BavaBasra-009&010.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:34
BavaBasra-010&011.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:45
BavaBasra-011&012.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:11
BavaBasra-013.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:44
BavaBasra-014.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:59
BavaBasra-015.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:46
BavaBasra-016&017.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:45
BavaBasra-017&018&019.mp3    Size: 35M    Length: 01:17:18
BavaBasra-019.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:57
BavaBasra-020.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:39
BavaBasra-021 (1).mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:54
BavaBasra-021&022.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:56
BavaBasra-022&023.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:06
BavaBasra-024&025.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:24:48
BavaBasra-025&026.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:57:54
BavaBasra-027.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:34
BavaBasra-028&029.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:18
BavaBasra-029&030.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:04
BavaBasra-030&031.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:35
BavaBasra-032&033.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:57
BavaBasra-034&035.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:55
BavaBasra-035&036.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:40
BavaBasra-036&037.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:51
BavaBasra-037&038.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:37
BavaBasra-039.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:22
BavaBasra-040&041.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:35
BavaBasra-041&042.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:19
BavaBasra-042&043.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:22
BavaBasra-043&044.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:30
BavaBasra-045.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:23
BavaBasra-046.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:13
BavaBasra-048&049.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:56
BavaBasra-050.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:34
BavaBasra-051.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:29
BavaBasra-052.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:33
BavaBasra-065&066.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:23
BavaBasra-066&067.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:40
BavaBasra-070.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:38
BavaBasra-071&072.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:28
BavaBasra-072.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:04
BavaBasra-073 (1).mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:23
BavaBasra-073 (2).mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:39
BavaBasra-074.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:07:00
BavaBasra-078.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:11
BavaBasra-084&085.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:34
BavaBasra-085&086.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:08
BavaBasra-089.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:02
BavaBasra-090.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:16
BavaBasra-091.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:30
BavaBasra-093.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:49
BavaBasra-096&097.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:51
BavaBasra-097&098.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:38
BavaBasra-098&099.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:53
BavaBasra-099&100.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:21
BavaBasra-100&101.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:00
BavaBasra-104&105.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:30
BavaBasra-105&106.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:15
BavaBasra-106&107.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:57:58
BavaBasra-107&108.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:47
BavaBasra-109.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:33
BavaBasra-112.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:07
BavaBasra-113.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:11
BavaBasra-114.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:12
BavaBasra-115.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:48
BavaBasra-116.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:07
BavaBasra-119.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:52
BavaBasra-121.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:38
BavaBasra-122.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:07
BavaBasra-123.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:59
BavaBasra-132&133.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:06
BavaBasra-133&134.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:33
BavaBasra-134&135.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:17
BavaBasra-136.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:00
BavaBasra-137.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:20
BavaBasra-140.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:37
BavaBasra-141.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:07
BavaBasra-142.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:53
BavaBasra-144.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:55
BavaBasra-146&147.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:30
BavaBasra-147&148.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:32
BavaBasra-149 (1).mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:28:21
BavaBasra-149 (2).mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 00:25:35
BavaBasra-157&158.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:07
BavaBasra-160&161.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:35
BavaBasra-162.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:51
BavaBasra-163.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:53:06
BavaBasra-164.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 00:39:12
BavaBasra-165.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:31
BavaBasra-168.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:31
BavaBasra-169.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:59
BavaBasra-170 (1).mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 00:27:01
BavaBasra-170 (2)&171.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:20
BavaBasra-171&172.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:48
BavaBasra-174 (1).mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:54:00
BavaBasra-174(2)&175.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:34
BavaBasra-175&176.mp3    Size: 20M    Length: 00:44:11

Sanhedrin-002&003.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:01
Sanhedrin-003&004.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:09
Sanhedrin-007.mp3    Size: 24M    Length: 00:52:59
Sanhedrin-008&009.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:51
Sanhedrin-010.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:36
Sanhedrin-011.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:15
Sanhedrin-013&014.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:08:38
Sanhedrin-015.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:56
Sanhedrin-017.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:01
Sanhedrin-018.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:58:42
Sanhedrin-020&021.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:52
Sanhedrin-021.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:53
Sanhedrin-022 (1).mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:10
Sanhedrin-022 (2)&023.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:49
Sanhedrin-023&024.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:33
Sanhedrin-026.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:04:22
Sanhedrin-027.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:42
Sanhedrin-028&029.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:22
Sanhedrin-030.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:47
Sanhedrin-033.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:55:43
Sanhedrin-034.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:39
Sanhedrin-035.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:24
Sanhedrin-036.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:11
Sanhedrin-037.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:53:41
Sanhedrin-040&041.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:51
Sanhedrin-041.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:53
Sanhedrin-042.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:22
Sanhedrin-043.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:56:21
Sanhedrin-045&046 (first few minutes missing).mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:08:22
Sanhedrin-046&047.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:05
Sanhedrin-047&048.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:09:17
Sanhedrin-048.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:06
Sanhedrin-049.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:07:40
Sanhedrin-050&051.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:13:05
Sanhedrin-052&053.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:02
Sanhedrin-054.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:18
Sanhedrin-056&057.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:09:35
Sanhedrin-059&060.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:57
Sanhedrin-060&061.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:13
Sanhedrin-061&062.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:00
Sanhedrin-067.mp3    Size: 36M    Length: 01:19:14
Sanhedrin-069&070.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:15:08
Sanhedrin-070&071.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:13:07
Sanhedrin-071&072.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:25
Sanhedrin-072&073.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:51
Sanhedrin-075.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:09:36
Sanhedrin-076&077.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:09:21
Sanhedrin-077&078.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:29
Sanhedrin-091.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:31
Sanhedrin-092.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:10
Sanhedrin-093(1).mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:41
Sanhedrin-093(2)&094.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:11
Sanhedrin-094&095.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:32
Sanhedrin-096&097.mp3    Size: 43M    Length: 01:33:55
Sanhedrin-097&098.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:24
Sanhedrin-098&099.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:25
Sanhedrin-099&100.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:28
Sanhedrin-100.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:13:10
Sanhedrin-101.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:02
Sanhedrin-102&103.mp3    Size: 51M    Length: 01:51:09
Sanhedrin-103&104.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:20
Sanhedrin-104.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:22
Sanhedrin-105(1).mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:42
Sanhedrin-105(2)&106.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:38
Sanhedrin-106.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:40
Sanhedrin-107&108.mp3    Size: 49M    Length: 01:47:28
Sanhedrin-108&109.mp3    Size: 35M    Length: 01:17:05
Sanhedrin-109&110.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:22
Sanhedrin-110&111.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:47
Sanhedrin-112&113.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:28
Sanhedrin-113-Siyum.mp3    Size: 10M    Length: 00:21:39

Makkos-002&003.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:24:53
Makkos-009&010.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:09:19
Makkos-010&011.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:24
Makkos-011&012.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:21
Makkos-012&013.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:39
Makkos-013&014.mp3    Size: 38M    Length: 01:23:36
Makkos-015&016.mp3    Size: 35M    Length: 01:17:21
Makkos-016&017.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:15
Makkos-017&018.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:10
Makkos-019&020.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:45
Makkos-020&021.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:11
Makkos-021&022&023.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:26:17
Makkos-023.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:13:10
Makkos-024.mp3    Size: 29M    Length: 01:03:00

Shevuos-002(1).mp3    Size: 5M    Length: 00:10:05
Shevuos-002(2)&003.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:05
Shevuos-003&004.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:25
Shevuos-004&005.mp3    Size: 26M    Length: 00:57:39
Shevuos-006&007.mp3    Size: 37M    Length: 01:20:45
Shevuos-008&009.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:54
Shevuos-009&010.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:12
Shevuos-010&011.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:31
Shevuos-011&012.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:17
Shevuos-013&014.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:52
Shevuos-014&015.mp3    Size: 32M    Length: 01:10:04
Shevuos-016&017.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:14
Shevuos-017&018.mp3    Size: 28M    Length: 01:01:25
Shevuos-018&019.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:48
Shevuos-019&020.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:29
Shevuos-020&021.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:14
Shevuos-022&023&024.mp3    Size: 52M    Length: 01:54:19
Shevuos-024&025.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:59:26
Shevuos-025&026.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:09
Shevuos-026&027.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:26
Shevuos-027&028.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:35
Shevuos-029&030.mp3    Size: 36M    Length: 01:18:43
Shevuos-031&032.mp3    Size: 36M    Length: 01:19:00
Shevuos-032&033.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 00:55:32
Shevuos-033&034.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:20
Shevuos-034&035.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:28
Shevuos-035.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:05:54
Shevuos-036.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:16
Shevuos-037&038.mp3    Size: 38M    Length: 01:23:25
Shevuos-038&039.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:48
Shevuos-039&040.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:15
Shevuos-040&041.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:16
Shevuos-041&042.mp3    Size: 31M    Length: 01:07:52
Shevuos-042&043.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:18
Shevuos-044&045&046.mp3    Size: 45M    Length: 01:37:18
Shevuos-046&047.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:41
Shevuos-047&048.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:19
Shevuos-048&049(1).mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:41
Shevuos-049(2).mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 00:37:05

AvodahZarah-002(1).mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 00:36:45
AvodahZarah-002(2)&003.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:39
AvodahZarah-004.mp3    Size: 43M    Length: 01:34:19
AvodahZarah-005.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:54
AvodahZarah-006.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:23
AvodahZarah-007.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:51
AvodahZarah-008.mp3    Size: 35M    Length: 01:16:04
AvodahZarah-009.mp3    Size: 38M    Length: 01:22:15
AvodahZarah-010&011.mp3    Size: 45M    Length: 01:39:06
AvodahZarah-012&013.mp3    Size: 27M    Length: 00:57:54
AvodahZarah-013&014.mp3    Size: 30M    Length: 01:06:21
AvodahZarah-015.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:59
AvodahZarah-016.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:34
AvodahZarah-017.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:43
AvodahZarah-018.mp3    Size: 43M    Length: 01:34:34
AvodahZarah-019.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:32
AvodahZarah-020.mp3    Size: 36M    Length: 01:18:08
AvodahZarah-021&022.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:23
AvodahZarah-022&023.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:11:34
AvodahZarah-024.mp3    Size: 35M    Length: 01:16:32
AvodahZarah-025&026.mp3    Size: 39M    Length: 01:25:02
AvodahZarah-027.mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:13:28
AvodahZarah-028.mp3    Size: 33M    Length: 01:12:51
AvodahZarah-029(1).mp3    Size: 34M    Length: 01:14:09
AvodahZarah-029(2)&030.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:41
AvodahZarah-030&031.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:25
AvodahZarah-032&033.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:27:41
AvodahZarah-033&034.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:12:32
AvodahZarah-034&035.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 01:13:13
AvodahZarah-035&036.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:22
AvodahZarah-036.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 01:13:44
AvodahZarah-038&039.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:43:38
AvodahZarah-040.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:24
AvodahZarah-041.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:42
AvodahZarah-042.mp3    Size: 20M    Length: 01:25:24
AvodahZarah-043.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:55:18
AvodahZarah-044&045.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:27:43
AvodahZarah-046.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:55
AvodahZarah-048.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:12:40
AvodahZarah-049(1).mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:43
AvodahZarah-049(2)&050.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:34
AvodahZarah-051&052.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 01:52:07
AvodahZarah-052.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:49
AvodahZarah-053.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:14:05
AvodahZarah-054.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:55
AvodahZarah-055&056.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:51
AvodahZarah-056&057&058.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:08:38
AvodahZarah-060&061.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:40
AvodahZarah-062&063.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:41
AvodahZarah-070&071.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 01:12:56
AvodahZarah-071&072.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:11:23
AvodahZarah-072&073.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 00:45:35

Horios-002(1).mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:10:58
Horios-002(2).mp3    Size: 4M    Length: 00:23:04
Horios-004.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 01:16:17
Horios-007&008.mp3    Size: 11M    Length: 01:04:51
Horios-009.mp3    Size: 10M    Length: 00:56:03
Horios-010.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 01:21:58
Horios-011.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:12:25
Horios-012(1).mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:08:56
Horios-012(2)&013.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:12:04

Zevachim-002.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:12:30
Zevachim-004&005.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 01:20:25
Zevachim-005&006.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:07:02
Zevachim-007&008&009.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:08:48
Zevachim-009.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 01:15:42
Zevachim-010.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 01:14:50
Zevachim-011(1).mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:10:11
Zevachim-011(2)&012.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 01:14:56
Zevachim-014 (incomplete).mp3    Size: 3M    Length: 00:05:36
Zevachim-015&016.mp3    Size: 7M    Length: 01:00:01
Zevachim-016&017.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:09:01
Zevachim-018.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:10:49
Zevachim-019.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:12:40
Zevachim-020.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:11:59
Zevachim-023.mp3    Size: 11M    Length: 01:03:07
Zevachim-024.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 00:48:51
Zevachim-025.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:08:34
Zevachim-026.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:10:29
Zevachim-027.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:44
Zevachim-030.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:15:14
Zevachim-031.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:06:12
Zevachim-032.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:31
Zevachim-033&034.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:14:16
Zevachim-034&035.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:14:42
Zevachim-039.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 00:46:19
Zevachim-040.mp3    Size: 7M    Length: 00:57:56
Zevachim-041.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:16:45
Zevachim-044.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:14:12
Zevachim-045.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:15:47
Zevachim-046.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:55
Zevachim-047.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:14:34
Zevachim-048.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:49
Zevachim-050&051.mp3    Size: 7M    Length: 01:03:41
Zevachim-051&052.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:53
Zevachim-052&053.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:14:39
Zevachim-053&054.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:38
Zevachim-054&055.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:42
Zevachim-057&058.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:14:45
Zevachim-058&059.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:20:19
Zevachim-059&060.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:18:57
Zevachim-061&062.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:10:59
Zevachim-064&065.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:08:03
Zevachim-065&066.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:46
Zevachim-066&067.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:09:47
Zevachim-067&068.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:57
Zevachim-068&069.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:09:18
Zevachim-071&072&073.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:36
Zevachim-073&074.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:57
Zevachim-074&075.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:12
Zevachim-075&076.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:09:44
Zevachim-076&077.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:06
Zevachim-079.mp3    Size: 6M    Length: 00:53:10
Zevachim-080.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:01
Zevachim-081.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:35
Zevachim-082(1).mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:32
Zevachim-082(2)&083.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:09:50
Zevachim-086.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:12
Zevachim-087&088.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:47
Zevachim-088&089.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:18
Zevachim-089.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:10:15
Zevachim-090.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:32
Zevachim-092.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:09:27
Zevachim-093.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:19:01
Zevachim-094(1).mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:06
Zevachim-094(2)&095.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:14:12
Zevachim-096&097.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:09:38
Zevachim-099&100.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:10:55
Zevachim-100&101.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:14:18
Zevachim-101.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:49
Zevachim-102.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:14:56
Zevachim-104&105.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:07:23
Zevachim-105&106.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:01
Zevachim-106.mp3    Size: 7M    Length: 00:59:47
Zevachim-107.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:09:45
Zevachim-108(1).mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 01:07:32
Zevachim-108(2)&109.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:14:43
Zevachim-112.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:25
Zevachim-113(1).mp3    Size: 2M    Length: 00:20:45
Zevachim-113(2).mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:13
Zevachim-114&115(1).mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:16:32
Zevachim-115(2).mp3    Size: 1M    Length: 00:12:45
Zevachim-115(3)&116.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:41
Zevachim-116&117.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:15
Zevachim-119.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:22
Zevachim-120.mp3    Size: 5M    Length: 00:46:51

Menachos-002(1).mp3    Size: 3M    Length: 00:22:38
Menachos-002(2)&003.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:47
Menachos-003&004.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:08:10
Menachos-004&005.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:10:12
Menachos-008.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:08:27
Menachos-009.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:09:33
Menachos-010&011.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:09:19
Menachos-011&012.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:05:59
Menachos-014.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:07:46
Menachos-015.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:08:26
Menachos-016.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:10:25
Menachos-017(1).mp3    Size: 5M    Length: 00:45:57
Menachos-017(2)&018.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:20
Menachos-020&021.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:32
Menachos-021&022.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:15
Menachos-023&024.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:01
Menachos-024&025.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:10:56
Menachos-030&031.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:15:41
Menachos-032.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:34
Menachos-034&035.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:14:20
Menachos-035&036.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:33
Menachos-037&038.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:16:28
Menachos-040&041.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:16
Menachos-046&047.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:10:48
Menachos-048.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:05
Menachos-053&054.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:11
Menachos-058.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:23
Menachos-059.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:19
Menachos-061&062.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:12
Menachos-062&063.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:09:27
Menachos-064.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:20:54
Menachos-065.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:09:43
Menachos-066.mp3    Size: 6M    Length: 00:24:42
Menachos-067&068.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:01
Menachos-068.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:27
Menachos-069.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:08:07
Menachos-070&071.mp3    Size: 11M    Length: 01:32:50
Menachos-071&072.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:16:07
Menachos-072&073.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:10:35
Menachos-073&074.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:15:38
Menachos-075.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:35
Menachos-076.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:14:28
Menachos-077&078.mp3    Size: 11M    Length: 01:37:51
Menachos-079.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:45
Menachos-080.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:26
Menachos-081.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:38
Menachos-082.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:24
Menachos-083.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:13
Menachos-084&085.mp3    Size: 11M    Length: 01:36:10
Menachos-086.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:22
Menachos-087.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:10:48
Menachos-088.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:20
Menachos-089.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:19
Menachos-090.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:20
Menachos-091&092.mp3    Size: 10M    Length: 01:30:03
Menachos-093.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:57
Menachos-094.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:48
Menachos-095.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:10:48
Menachos-096.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:59
Menachos-097.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:00
Menachos-098&099.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:15:24
Menachos-099&100.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:14:38
Menachos-101.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:13
Menachos-102.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:52
Menachos-103.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:36
Menachos-104.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:08:25
Menachos-105&106.mp3    Size: 10M    Length: 01:31:20
Menachos-107.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:20
Menachos-108.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:16:26
Menachos-109(1).mp3    Size: 7M    Length: 00:57:29
Menachos-109(2)&110(1).mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:14:27
Menachos-110(2).mp3    Size: 2M    Length: 00:19:26

Chullin-002.mp3    Size: 6M    Length: 00:54:47
Chullin-003.mp3    Size: 7M    Length: 01:00:15
Chullin-004.mp3    Size: 5M    Length: 00:47:48
Chullin-015.mp3    Size: 7M    Length: 01:02:15
Chullin-016.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:57
Chullin-017.mp3    Size: 6M    Length: 00:53:10
Chullin-018(1).mp3    Size: 4M    Length: 00:33:16
Chullin-018(2).mp3    Size: 4M    Length: 00:32:16
Chullin-019(1).mp3    Size: 5M    Length: 00:39:22
Chullin-019(2)&020.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:06
Chullin-020&021&022.mp3    Size: 10M    Length: 01:25:46
Chullin-022&023.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:10:02
Chullin-023&024.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:09:43
Chullin-025&026.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:16:16
Chullin-026&027.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:56
Chullin-027&028.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:51
Chullin-028&029.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:09:27
Chullin-029&030.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:10:30
Chullin-030&031.mp3    Size: 10M    Length: 01:24:22
Chullin-032.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:10:21
Chullin-033.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:12:30
Chullin-034.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:11:22
Chullin-035.mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 01:13:44
Chullin-036.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:16:09
Chullin-037&038.mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 01:21:43
Chullin-042.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:08
Chullin-043.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:40
Chullin-044&045.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 01:35:22
Chullin-045.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:17:19
Chullin-046.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:43
Chullin-047.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:27
Chullin-048(1).mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:59
Chullin-048(2)&049.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:11
Chullin-049&050.mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 01:30:54
Chullin-050&051.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:46
Chullin-051&052.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:53
Chullin-052.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:50
Chullin-053(1).mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:22
Chullin-053(2)&054.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:41
Chullin-055&056.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 01:38:04
Chullin-056&057.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:47
Chullin-057&058.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:25
Chullin-058.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:16:45
Chullin-059.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:46
Chullin-060.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:39
Chullin-061&062.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 01:36:42
Chullin-063.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:17
Chullin-064.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:12:05
Chullin-065.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:45
Chullin-066.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:17
Chullin-067.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:08
Chullin-068&069.mp3    Size: 21M    Length: 01:31:28
Chullin-069.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:58:53
Chullin-070(1).mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:48
Chullin-070(2)&071.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:04
Chullin-071&072.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:45
Chullin-073.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:00
Chullin-074.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:24
Chullin-075&076.mp3    Size: 23M    Length: 01:39:21
Chullin-076&077.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:59
Chullin-077&078.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:48
Chullin-079.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:48
Chullin-080.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:12:00
Chullin-081.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:20:47
Chullin-082&083.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 01:35:27
Chullin-084.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:22
Chullin-085&086.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:52
Chullin-086&087.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:23
Chullin-087&088.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:44
Chullin-089.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:48
Chullin-090&091.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 01:48:03
Chullin-092.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:16
Chullin-093.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:57
Chullin-094.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:42
Chullin-095.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:20
Chullin-096&097.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:26
Chullin-098&099.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 01:35:39
Chullin-100&101.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:42
Chullin-101&102.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:39
Chullin-103&104.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:20
Chullin-104&105.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:52
Chullin-108&109.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:29
Chullin-110&111.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:14
Chullin-111&112.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:35
Chullin-112.mp3    Size: 11M    Length: 00:48:52
Chullin-113.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:10
Chullin-116(2)&117.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:53
Chullin-116.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:53
Chullin-118&119.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:17
Chullin-119&120.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:17
Chullin-122.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:29
Chullin-123.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:18
Chullin-124.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:16:46
Chullin-125.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:16:13
Chullin-126&127.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:16:00
Chullin-129.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:10
Chullin-130.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:07:51
Chullin-131.mp3    Size: 10M    Length: 00:44:45
Chullin-132.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:37
Chullin-133.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:16
Chullin-134.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:07:09
Chullin-137.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:02
Chullin-138&139.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:42
Chullin-138(1).mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 00:37:37
Chullin-139&140.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:03
Chullin-140&141.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:24
Chullin-141&142.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:13

Bechoros-004&005.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:21
Bechoros-005&006.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:11
Bechoros-007.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:27
Bechoros-010.mp3    Size: 19M    Length: 01:23:06
Bechoros-011.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:41
Bechoros-012.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:39
Bechoros-013.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:18:02
Bechoros-014.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:41
Bechoros-018.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:49
Bechoros-025.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:02
Bechoros-026.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:56
Bechoros-027.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:27
Bechoros-028.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:16:24
Bechoros-029.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:22
Bechoros-031&032.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:49
Bechoros-033.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:32
Bechoros-034.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:43
Bechoros-035.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:12
Bechoros-036.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:10
Bechoros-038&039.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:34
Bechoros-039&040.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:07
Bechoros-040&041.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:07
Bechoros-041&042.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:11
Bechoros-042&043.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:45
Bechoros-045&046.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:50
Bechoros-046&047.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:18:54
Bechoros-047&048.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:23
Bechoros-049(1).mp3    Size: 11M    Length: 00:48:22
Bechoros-049(2)&050.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:36
Bechoros-055.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 00:59:23
Bechoros-056.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:46
Bechoros-057.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:07:34
Bechoros-059&060.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:40
Bechoros-060&061.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 01:00:34

Erchin-002.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:30
Erchin-004.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:07:23
Erchin-006.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:23
Erchin-007.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:10
Erchin-008.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:08
Erchin-009.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:30
Erchin-010.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:11
Erchin-012&013.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:37
Erchin-014.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:25
Erchin-015(1).mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:55:00
Erchin-015(2).mp3    Size: 6M    Length: 00:26:36
Erchin-016&017.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:01
Erchin-019.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:25
Erchin-020.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:59
Erchin-021.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 01:01:44
Erchin-022(1).mp3    Size: 5M    Length: 00:23:44
Erchin-022(2)&023.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:33
Erchin-023&024.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:59
Erchin-027(1).mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:57:56
Erchin-027(2)&028.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:06:43
Erchin-028&029.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:56:03
Erchin-029&030.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:32
Erchin-030&031.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:04
Erchin-033&034.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:19

Temurah-002.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:58:50
Temurah-003.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:22
Temurah-004&005.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:33
Temurah-006&007.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:16:22
Temurah-007&008.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:17:57
Temurah-008&009.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 00:53:19
Temurah-009&010.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:28
Temurah-010&011.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:55
Temurah-012&013.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:16:19
Temurah-014.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:49
Temurah-015.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:57:24
Temurah-016(1).mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:20:00
Temurah-016(2)&017.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:31
Temurah-017&018.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:22
Temurah-018(2).mp3    Size: 3M    Length: 00:12:10
Temurah-019&020.mp3    Size: 11M    Length: 00:50:00
Temurah-020&021.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:07
Temurah-022.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:17
Temurah-025.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:28
Temurah-026&027.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:29
Temurah-027(2).mp3    Size: 6M    Length: 00:25:39
Temurah-028.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:05
Temurah-029.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:01
Temurah-031&032.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:20

Kerisus-002.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 00:40:59
Kerisus-003(1).mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:10
Kerisus-003(2)&004.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:14
Kerisus-004&005.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:07:17
Kerisus-005.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:44
Kerisus-007&008.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:41
Kerisus-008.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:00
Kerisus-009.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:31
Kerisus-010.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:41
Kerisus-011&012.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:32
Kerisus-013&014.mp3    Size: 13M    Length: 00:58:09
Kerisus-014&015.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:40
Kerisus-015&016.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:49
Kerisus-017(1).mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:39
Kerisus-017(2)&018.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:35
Kerisus-018&019.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:26
Kerisus-021&022.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:20
Kerisus-022&023.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:41
Kerisus-024&025.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:13
Kerisus-026.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:04
Kerisus-027.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:43

Meilah-003&004.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:04:34
Meilah-004&005.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:11
Meilah-006&007.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:09
Meilah-007&008&009.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:28
Meilah-009&010.mp3    Size: 15M    Length: 01:06:35
Meilah-018.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:38
Meilah-019.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:10:04

Tamid-025&026.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 01:00:59

Niddah-002.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:08:41
Niddah-004(1).mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 00:36:22
Niddah-004(2)&005.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:40
Niddah-005&006.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:26
Niddah-006&007.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:38
Niddah-007&008.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:42
Niddah-009.mp3    Size: 19M    Length: 01:22:03
Niddah-010.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:51
Niddah-011(1).mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:36
Niddah-011(2)&012.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:51
Niddah-013.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 00:59:21
Niddah-014.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:27
Niddah-015&016.mp3    Size: 19M    Length: 01:22:17
Niddah-016&017.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:09:12
Niddah-017&018.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:13
Niddah-019.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:36
Niddah-020.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:05
Niddah-021.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:45
Niddah-022&023.mp3    Size: 20M    Length: 01:25:56
Niddah-023&024.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:16:40
Niddah-025.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:13
Niddah-026.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:05
Niddah-027.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:49
Niddah-028.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:37
Niddah-030.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 01:48:26
Niddah-031.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:15:14
Niddah-032.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:55
Niddah-033.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:58
Niddah-034.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:27
Niddah-035.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:50
Niddah-036&037.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 01:48:25
Niddah-037&038.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:43
Niddah-038&039.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:57
Niddah-039.mp3    Size: 7M    Length: 00:30:56
Niddah-040&041.mp3    Size: 16M    Length: 01:11:45
Niddah-041&042.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:36
Niddah-042&043.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:32
Niddah-044&045.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 01:35:21
Niddah-046(1).mp3    Size: 9M    Length: 00:40:00
Niddah-046(2).mp3    Size: 8M    Length: 00:34:03
Niddah-057&058&059.mp3    Size: 22M    Length: 01:37:03
Niddah-059&060.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:16:10
Niddah-060&061.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:12:33
Niddah-061&062.mp3    Size: 12M    Length: 00:52:22
Niddah-062&063.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:16
Niddah-063&064.mp3    Size: 14M    Length: 01:02:08
Niddah-064&065&066.mp3    Size: 20M    Length: 01:29:33
Niddah-066&067.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:59
Niddah-067&068.mp3    Size: 18M    Length: 01:17:13
Niddah-069.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:13:16
Niddah-070.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:16:07
Niddah-071.mp3    Size: 17M    Length: 01:14:13
Niddah-072&073.mp3    Size: 25M    Length: 01:47:50